How to Fix Mediacom Connection Drops

It is important to have a stable and uninterrupted internet connection to experience better communication, entertainment, and gaming. For this, ISPs all over America strive to provide users with the best speeds and reliable internet connectivity. But sometimes users experience disrupted or limited internet connectivity, which can ruin all the fun for them. For instance, you might be watching your favorite movie or show, and when you reach the movie’s exciting moment, your internet starts to buffer. Also, it happens at times when you are playing your favorite game, especially during a multiplayer game when you are about to make a winning shot, the game freezes or starts lagging. 

All of this happens when there is a drop in the service that occurs for a number of reasons. You cannot always blame the ISP for providing sub-standard service. But there is nothing to worry about, and you can fix this problem yourself without getting frustrated: 

Are you subscribed to the Right Plan? 

ISPs strive to provide users with high-end and uninterrupted service and connectivity so that they can communicate, work, and stay entertained without any frustration or worries. For this, Mediacom provides diverse internet speeds and data plans that can suit the needs of almost every user at home. 

For instance, the Xtream Internet 100 plan provides download and upload speeds up to 100/10 Mbps and 300 Gbps data which is suitable for people with basic internet needs. Apart from this, users can also explore the Mediacom Xtream Internet 300 plan, which is suitable for higher internet speeds as it offers download and upload speeds up to 300/20 Mbps with a 1500 GB data allowance. 

Lastly, the Mediacom 1 Gig plan provides users with 1000/50 Mbps internet speeds and 3000 GB data which is suitable for smart homeowners and people who want to play multiplayer games with high internet speed requirements. 

It is important to explore all the Mediacom bundle deals or plans you have available, and choose wisely. If the internet plan you are subscribed to do not match your internet usage and needs, then slow internet speeds and poor connectivity will become a persistent issue.  

Check if there is Network Congestion

This can happen to users on almost any network. With the Mediacom Xtream Internet, you get to enjoy blazing-fast internet thanks to an advanced fiber-coaxial network that is backed by the latest DOCSIS technology. With so much advancement, Mediacom strives to provide the best internet connectivity possible. However, network congestion during peak hours is still very much possible, especially if your area is denser with coaxial cables as compared to fiber. 

If you experience a drop in the internet connection during peak hours, you can consider using the internet during off-peak hours. Hours between 6 to 10 pm are often considered peak, but this can vary from location to location. Observe your network performance during various time stamps and see what suits you best.  

Look Out for Appliances and Devices Which Can Cause Interference

Wireless signals get disrupted if there are any electronic appliances, devices, or other networks around you. So it is a good idea to place your router in an open area and in a place that is away from such sources of interference. The interferences can be caused by microwaves, thick walls, cordless phones, and other devices which can disrupt your internet signals. A good idea is to change your router’s channel and help minimize interference from nearby networks. 

Scan for Malware and Infected Files

Your network and internet connection might face problems connecting you to the network if there are viruses, malware, and infected files on your device. The device’s health matters a lot in how the device receives internet signals.

To get rid of such issues, you can run a full scan on your computer using reputable antivirus software. These software are designed to detect malware, remove them, or quarantine them. After this, you can start your device and experience seamless internet at home. 

You can also use the Total Defense Internet antivirus software that provides the best security to its users. This security suite comes included with your Mediacom internet subscription, so you will not have to worry about paying an extra penny! You can experience secure internet browsing and social media platforms. 

Contact Mediacom Customer Support 

If you have tried almost everything and still cannot connect to the internet or still experience a drop in speed, you must call Mediacom customer support. Mediacom can provide the best solutions and expertise to diagnose and address the most complex network issues. You can provide them with the details about the setup and how frequently you are experiencing the connection drop. Based on your information, customer support personnel will provide the best solution. 


Experiencing drops in internet connections can be a usual occurrence even in this day and age. Mediacom users might not experience such fluctuations too often. But in case you experience a sluggish internet connection, you can use any of the above-mentioned measures and resolve your network connection problems.

How to Fix Mediacom Connection Drops