iPhone 15 and 15 Pro: The Pro is Pricier but Absolutely Superior!

Many people wonder about the differences between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro and are torn when choosing between the two versions. Reports confirm that both models have similarities, but the Pro version has superior enhancements. Follow this article to understand a detailed comparison of Apple’s two new smartphone versions.

1. 3 common features between iPhone 15 and 15 Pro

Both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro share three key features in terms of design and specs, specifically:

Screen Size: Both models are almost identical in overall size, featuring a 6.1-inch screen.

Display Technology: Both phones feature a Super Retina XDR OLED screen with a pixel density of 460 ppi. Additionally, the iPhone 15 now officially includes Dynamic Island.

Front Camera Technology: Both models feature a 12MP front camera sensor, upgraded aperture, and integrated professional photography and videography modes such as Portrait mode, Night mode, Action Mode, and Cinematic Mode. This camera is integrated into the Dynamic Island.

The front camera of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro is integrated inside the Dynamic Island area

2. 6 differences between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

As usual, Apple’s standard iPhone line differs from the premium versions in the same generation. The iPhone 15 Pro boasts several impressive upgrades in its specs and introduces some exclusive features.

2.1. Materials and Camera

The exterior design of the iPhone 15 is clearly different from the iPhone 15 Pro in border material, number of rear cameras and color options.

1- Frame Material

The iPhone 15 is designed with the familiar aluminum frame, making the device significantly lighter and easier to hold. In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro optimizes the use of a sturdy and luxurious titanium frame, which is an excellent upgrade for the Pro line.

iPhone 15 Pro use Titanium frame

2- Camera

Thе iPhonе 15 continuеs to bе еquippеd with two rеar camеras,  including a 48MP widе-anglе sеnsor and a 12MP ultra-widе-anglе camеra.  This vеrsion fеaturеs morе advancеd sеnsors comparеd to its prеdеcеssor,  rеsulting in brightеr and morе vibrant photos.

As for thе iPhonе 15 Pro,  Applе’s prеmium flagship maintains a triplе rеar camеra sеtup,  comprising a 48MP widе-anglе camеra,  a 12MP ultra-widе-anglе camеra,  and a 12MP tеlеphoto camеra.  The arrangement of the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses may vary, enhancing zoom capabilities and light reception. Thus, it’s easy to notice that the iPhone 15 lacks a telephoto camera for zooming up to 2x, unlike the iPhone 15 Pro.

2.3. Performance

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have different configurations, which will give different performance, specifically:

1- Chip

The iPhone 15 continues to utilize the 4nm A16 Bionic chip, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max from last year. However, there are some improvements in the GPU and CPU to enhance multitasking capabilities and smart technology support. The iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with the 3nm A17 Pro chip. It is known that Apple has produced this latest chip with superior capabilities compared to the A16 Bionic chip, promising to maintain powerful performance for heavy tasks while conserving battery life for users.

Chip A17 Pro manufactured on the 3nm process of iPhone 15 Pro focuses on saving energy for the device

2- ROM

The ROM options for both iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro remain similar to the previous generation. Thе iPhonе 15 offеrs thrее options: 128GB,  256GB,  and 512GB,  whilе thе iPhonе 15 Pro providеs thе samе two options 256GB,  512GB and an additional 1TB variant.  With thе massivе 1TB storagе,  usеrs can storе 250, 000 photos,  1, 000 1GB-sizеd vidеos,  500 hours of 1080p vidеo,  and largе-capacity applications. The iPhone 15 Pro 1TB option is suitable for those who frequently capture videos and photos, providing them with a treasure trove of storage space, all within a single smartphone.

2.4. Price

iPhone 15 series continues to maintain the same price compared to iPhone 14 series, the specific prices of the two product lines iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are as follows:

iPhone 15 : from 799 USD

iPhone 15 Pro: from 999 USD

It can be seen that the price of iPhone 15 Pro is 200 USD more expensive than the regular version. This is a big difference, but worthy of the quality of the iPhone 15 Pro.

If you want to own an iPhone 15 Pro but your financial conditions do not allow it, you can participate in the iPhone 15 installment payment program (trả góp iPhone 15) of Apple.

The starting price of iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro has not increased compared to the previous generation

3. Should you buy the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Pro?

Everyone has different needs and financial circumstances. So, when deciding, consider the following:

Opt for the iPhone 15 if you mainly use your phone for basic tasks like calling, texting, and using basic apps.

Opt for the iPhone 15 Pro if you’re creative, love heavy gaming, or need advanced camera features. The Pro version offers a powerful processor, advanced camera system, and larger storage, ensuring a high-tech and flexible experience. Find out more information about iPhone 15 Pro at website dien thoai iPhone 15 Pro ShopDunk if you live in Vietnam or Apple Store if you live in other countries.

Both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have officially entered the tech market with numerous superior upgrades. Hopefully, with this comparison, users can make an informed choice about which version suits them best.