Most Anticipated Apps on the Apple App Store

Mobile gaming has become a major part of the global entertainment industry – thanks to the digital gaming revolution of recent years. 

Whether you are just grabbing an exciting burst of Gates of Olympus on Jackpotjoy while waiting fro a bus – or settling in for an evening of online bingo, mobile gaming has changed the day-to-day lifestyles of many of its players.

The gaming platforms are now so easy to access wherever you are. Mobile games are taking over from all other forms of gaming.

App games are designed to be played on your portable smartphone or tablets. Their performance is the same whether you are in bed or if you are out and about. 

Other types of platform of digital games are designed differently, and are optimised for home-based consoles, desk PCs or laptops. In the latest new releases however, expect mobile version to come first and be the best.

In the past mobile games on Apps were generally simpler and easier to play than old-school digital games. But as more Apps are specifically designed to be downloaded and played on a mobile device, the better their performance and graphics are becoming.

The Apps offer faster playing time thanks to game-play mechanics that work within the phones processing capabilities. Players want to use their phone Apps while on commuting trips or while waiting for something – and increasing Apps are being produced to work in this environment best of all.

Note however that many of the latest mobile Apps are free to download – but make their money through in-app purchases, advertisements, or subscriptions.

Look in the App store

Even the biggest fan of Apple admits that an iPhone is only as good as the Apps you’ve downloaded on to it.

Apple’s App store is a gateway to brilliant useful utilities and scintillating games. It’s packed with attractive sounding downloads.

Which are the ones we should all be looking out for in 2023?

Yes, it’s worth checking online reviews and forums for suggestions but we’ve done some of that work for you. Here is our pick of the best five Apps to look out for coming to the App store soon:

1 Sticker Drop

This is a brilliant way to make posts and messages unique. Sticker Drop lets you isolate or cut out any part of an image.

You can then use it like an emoji. So cut out a face or pet or scene from an image, or take a bit of another graphic and chop it or edit it how you like.

Your new stickers can be changed, filed and arranged how you like. It’s going to be lots of fun.

2 Halide Mark II – Pro Camera

This will launch soon with a free version. Full App downloads will cost a few pounds though.

The App is a serious bit of kit for those wanting to turn their iPhone into a professional standard camera. There are features that you’d normally find on a digital camera, like manual focus, RAW format and peeking tools to preview images.

3 Threes

Want to get obsessed with trios of things? Play this App for a while and you’ll be going three-crazy.

You may even decide to enter the App as number three in a list you are making.

It’s an indie puzzle where you slide tiles around. It’s all about multiples of three and you have to try to fill the grid.

Download it and see. But don’t blame us if you start counting in threes, eating three of everything and dreaming in threes.

4 Pillow

Talking of dreaming, this is an App dedicated to getting you a brilliant night’s sleep. Sleep is a big part of wellness – so why not let your phone track your sleep patterns?

Pillow will monitor your sleep, wake you at the right time and help conquer problems like grogginess or snoring.

5 BitWarden

Easy and safe, that’s what mobile security should be – and usually isn’t. But BitWarden can change all that.

It works across all your devices, Apple or Android. It asks if you want to store a password – and it will always be there for you.

Passwords are stored securely but instantly zing back into action when required. Best of all it’s all free.

And it you’re heading to the App store in 2023 look out for some of the best new games expected to appear.

Puzzle and strategy games are strong at the moment. Experts are awaiting some real sizzlers this year.

Don’t forget that many Apps are completely free to download. But it’s still wise to check what in-App purchases are required.

Many new apps offer additional features or bonuses, but at a price. 

Remember it’s all about having fun on your phone –it usually doesn’t cost much to really enhance your gaming experience. Mobile generally means good value for money.

Most Anticipated Apps on the Apple App Store