Solution to Router Network Delay

Network latency issues may pose challenges to our online experience, especially when using wireless routers. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions that can help us overcome the dilemma of network latency. Below, we will introduce some router network latency solutions to help you solve the network latency problem.

Here are some detailed solutions to router network latency:

1. Change wireless router channel:

Entering the router’s settings page is usually accessed by entering the IP address in the website. Find the channel setting option in the wireless network settings, enable the Wireless Distribution System (WDS), scan the surrounding wireless network conditions, select a channel that is less commonly used based on the surrounding wireless network channels, save the settings, and restart the wireless router. Doing so may reduce network latency and improve stability.

2. Change wireless frequency band:

Find the network settings option in the settings, open it, enter relevant information about the network, ensure that your wireless router supports the 5GHz frequency band, and that your terminal device also supports the 5GHz frequency band. Save the settings and restart the wireless router. The use of the 5GHz frequency band can provide higher speed and less interference, thereby reducing network latency.

3. Upgrade wireless router firmware:

Regularly log in to the page to check for firmware updates. If available, please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for firmware upgrades. Updating firmware can fix some bugs and security vulnerabilities, improve router performance and stability, and reduce network latency issues.

Ruijie’s multi-service gigabit box access router RG-RSR10-X-07 supports the insertion of 5G wireless communication modules. When the main link is abnormal, the 5G/4G link will be dialed online to carry business, ensuring uninterrupted business and more efficient data transmission. No professional personnel are required to be present, and technical experts can also complete the entire network configuration with just one click. It has the characteristics of no need for settings, easy installation, and easy upgrade with just one click. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and branch offices, Chain stores, commercial real estate, hotels, and other access scenarios; Support the new generation expansion module HSIC card to meet the needs of enterprises for private networks and security.

I hope the above router network latency solutions can improve wireless network connectivity and reduce latency issues, thereby enjoying a smoother online experience. If you are not familiar with network configuration, you can consult a Ruijie network professional or contact the technical support department of the wireless router manufacturer for more detailed and personalized assistance.

Solution to Router Network Delay