MyTeeb helps you get hooked up fast, it offers you a chance to meet people who share your values, morals and traditions. It is the most popular specialty dating site online. It is free. is the fasting growing dating community, after hitting the popularity  level in Pakistan, now most of users come from Asia & expanding to the Middle East.

This site claims to have the formula. It has a system where a user is given very short questionnaires to determine their compatibility to another user.

The signup process for is quite simple. First, give them your email address. Give them your date of birth by scrolling down one field. Then state your gender and what gender you are seeking. 

The first thing on your to-do list for this site is to create a personal profile. The website says that this only takes 30 seconds. After that, you’re ready to start meeting local single people online. You happen to encounter someone who does not arouse your interest? You can block him or her.

There is also an Interact section where you can see who’s seen you, and who’s interested in possibly dating you. 

The concept is easy, simply navigate and swipe between profiles around your area, decide whom you like, and a match will be created if that same person likes you back. You and your match won’t be able to see each other’s profile or know who you are talking to except that you’ve both liked each other. Chat and interact to gradually reveal yourself and the person behind your match. Giving a chance to learn about each other’s personality before looks.

The one thing that puts MyTeeb on the list of best free dating sites is the compatibility feature. MyTeeb slogan is "Find Your Teeb"


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