Woman pays Dh367 for iPhone 6, gets box of potatoes instead

© Provided by Khaleej Times Woman pays Dh367 for iPhone 6, gets box of potatoes instead

A woman in US thought she had grabbed a deal when she purchased an iPhone 6 for $100 as part of the Black Friday sale. The shocker came when she opened the iPhone box and found 11 dusty potatoes in it.

A video shared by the woman on Liveleak shows the sad sight of the box filled with potato chunks instead of the iPhone 6.

The woman said that she bought the item from a black truck, covered in Black Friday sale posters, driving around her neighbourhood in Wisconsin. She added that the vehicle had other retail products like clothes, shoes, watches, purses, DVDs, CDs, phones, and laptops.

"The man in the truck offered me a discount rate of $100 (Dh367) for the iPhone 6. I was playing with the phone, turning it around, checking it. I ask him to call the phone and he showed me the number and I'm like 'cool, it's legit, it's working, I want it'," the unnamed woman said.

However, when she returned home she discovered the man had duped her and sold her potatoes instead. "I sit at my kitchen table about to play with the phone...The box is heavy, and I get home, and he sold me a box of potatoes," she said.

The box also included an Android phone charger.


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